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TEKMAR is a medium sized manufacturing company that develops, manufactures and distributes its lifestyle brand, muesli, cereal, and functional bars. TEKMAR also provides ideas, products and technologies to people interested in developing their own private labels.



TEKMAR was formed, specializing in the manufacture of muesli and cereal bars. TEKMAR quickly gained a strong reputation as a particularly innovative manufacturer. Production started with 25 employees.


TEKMAR invested in new technology to produce baked and non baked muesli. We expanded our range of fruit bars and weight control bars. We began to distribute our products outside of the Slovak and Czech Republics.


TEKMAR relocated to the city of Nitra and invested in a second production line. We created a specific working environment to suit the needs of our development specialists. We began working in accordance with ISO standards and certified HACCP procedures.


We started producing private labels especially for large European retail partners.


We became members of PLMA. At an exhibition in Amsterdam we introduced a line of functional bars – Protein Bar, Breakfast Bar, Slim Bar, Juicy Bar. We get first more experience with products in the field of sports nutrition and fitness. Our product range expanded to include children’s cereal bars.


We expanded our range further to include natural nut snacks and functional bars aimed at the pharmaceutical market. The products contained ingredients such as echinacea, calcium, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. We also introduced new bars for nutritional diets and weight control management.


t various world exhibitions we presented our first integrated range of protein bars. We gained new and important customers in the field of fitness. A milestone was the presentation of the new sub brand called GreenLine and the introduction of new protein bars as a source of long-term energy supply with low GI (glycaemic index).


After three years of intensive research and collaboration with an experimental laboratory, we, as one of the first manufacturing companies, presented to the public muesli bars with guaranteed content of live probiotic cultures.


We expanded and opened a new specialized plant in Lužianky. A modern and technologically efficient manufacturing and logistics environment. To ensure the best quantity and quality of oats, we invested in our own modern production of this important raw material.


In collaboration with the departments of basic research we opened a Health Club, an excellent technological centre for the application of scientific knowledge in the production of functional bars. We expanded our capacity and our product portfolio consisted of over 100 different kinds of bars.


We began distributing new products in the field of sports nutrition, expanding our own brand of products. We transformed our products into a new “Love Brand”. We attended various exhibitions where we presented new types of bars, such as nut snack with added vitamins and minerals, energy and recovery bars. We invested in the construction of a new logistics centre.


We achieved FSSC 22000 certification, we put more emphasis on safe but also innovative production. We significantly expanded our production capacity.


In the first months of the year we have revealed new “RAW” fruit and nut bars. These are gluten free products. We have introduced new brands of protein and muesli bars.

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