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Sport and Fitness Bars

Sport and Fitness Bars

For over 15 years we have been developing and producing bars for active people and athletes. These bars are sources of protein, energy, minerals, vitamins, as well as containing numerous specialized additives to increase performance. The energy supplement is according to complex nutritional requirements before, during and after increased physical activity. This group of products includes various types of protein bars with a high percentage of quality protein. We can offer you the highest quality proteins of animal or vegetable origin. We will create the best possible protein bar tailored to your taste, according to your price preference and with optimal balancing nutritional parameters.

Sport and Fitness Bars
Functional Bars
Functional Bars

Functional Bars

The characteristics of these types of bars is an emphasis on health, function and a healthy lifestyle. We develop them not only based on the principles of modern nutrition, but also a thorough knowledge of medicine. We are putting considerable investment in the development of functional bars, while collaborating with renowned scientific authorities. In cooperation with them, we look at the foundations of civilizations diseases and we develop products to support better digestion, musculoskeletal system, immunity and cardiovascular system. Many products developed for clients are an important reference for our business. In their production we use the best quality ingredients and work only with suppliers who can demonstrate the highest quality. Many of the clients for whom these products are manufactured operate within the fields of pharmacy, sports and special nutrition, but in recent years increasingly retail.

This market includes bars with benefits for weight control. For a very long time we have been developing special bars for a nutritional diet. These products are developed in line with the philosophy of low sugar and fat with a low glycemic index, low in calories, or contain various special additives. We take great care with the selection of raw ingredients ensuring that only the best are sourced and used in our products.

Muesli and Cereal Bars

Muesli and Cereal Bars

Over the last 20 years we have been producing tasty muesli and cereal bars, as an excellent alternative to traditional sweets. This market has shown a continued growth in sales. These bars are for volume sales to various categories of retail outlet and a wide range of consumers. You can select any favourite bar from our portfolio, or we can develop something tailored to your specific needs. Bars containing different cereals, extrudates, fruits and nuts. Partially dipped, fully dipped, or simply decorated.

Muesli and Cereal Bars


We offer our clients production of various kinds of healthy snacks across a range of flavours and configurations. Particularly popular, for example are nut and cereal bars. This group of products consists of various RAW fruit bars with a gluten free quality and our special bars containing fruit jelly, milk and chocolate creams, often enriched with vitamins and minerals.


TEKMAR offers a high quality and safe product. Careful attention is paid to the application of standardised production processes and the principles of safe production, which are regularly certified. Every part of our production process is monitored and controlled. Our products are- if necessary – traceable and members of our quality control team are present daily, throughout the production of each bar.

How do you create your own statement bar?

We have a wealth of experience which our team is ready to share and assist you in the development of your bars.

We will work closely with you throughout each step in the development of your bar.

The first step is to understand your wishes and define the possibilities using our know-how, technological and technical background. We are able to offer you an instant choice of bars from our active brands without the need for special development. We can provide you with marketability data for a particular product and we will be happy to share our experience with you. If you do not wish to utilize our active brands, we will be happy to prepare a new recipe, a new bar just for you. Throughout the entire development process we will keep you informed of the interim results.

Introductory briefing and test of the samples

We have a team devoted to supporting anyone interested in making a private bar and we apply the same attention and energy to every request we receive, to ensure your product fulfils your expectations. While being innovative our bars remain nutritional and tasty. At this point we need to accurately define all the performance characteristics of your new bar through a series of questions. Each recipe and developed product is an original. Therefore, we will talk with you comprehensively about the distribution of a minimum production order, and the requirements for packaging material, style and design, which is extremely important to private brands. Of course, the primary goal is to optimize all processes and achieve the optimum price.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. For helping you to create your best bar, please fill in following information:

Select desired product type:

Target countries for your distribution:

Select distribution channels:

Estimated launch date:

Let us know some information about your company, ideas and comments:

First name:
Company name:


After this introductory process our R&D team will work on the development of the first sample of your bar. The whole process is free of charge to you, it’s our initial investment in our mutual cooperation. We will be happy to send you these samples, together with the product specification or you can choose to visit our company. The development process of new samples is essential to our long-term successful cooperation.

The cost of the product

We are aware it is very important to you. During the first stage we will provide you with a rough cost estimate. However, please be patient as each product is unique and it can take a little time to compile a price. The final price will be provided after the completion of the entire development process, tasting of the samples and approval of the final recipes.

Minimum order

You are very important to us; it will be our priority to produce a good bar for you even in a minimum quantity order. Minimum orders range from 10,000 to 40,000 bars. This amount varies depending on the type and complexity of bar manufacture.

Your decision

After your decision and testing of the samples developed by our company, we collate all your feedback and work on finalizing your perfect bar. The development process from the first meeting to your final “yes” typically takes 6-8 weeks.


Your packaging is an extremely important prerequisite for a successful product. An essential part of the packaging is the nutritional information on the product and its composition. Once we have all this information it’s time to finalize your product. During this period we are ready to provide you with comprehensive support. Our packaging machines can incorporate complete technical information. We will work closely with you to meet all your product packaging requirements. The final design is your property. We will represent your brand. We are available for testing of packaging materials and you will be in consultation with experts from the printers. Please bear in mind our packaging machines are not capable of packaging every material, and therefore this part of the development process should be given careful thought.

Guaranteed shelf life of the product and delivery deadlines

The recommended shelf life of the finished product varies from nine months. Delivery terms from 10 working days depending on the type and complexity of your bars. Then we will try to optimize the process of transporting your bars to your warehouse. All processes are carefully considered and optimized with a focus on transport costs.


After the first orders the validation process begins, during which we work together to find the measure of satisfaction shown by customers and consumers, and how we fulfilled your expectations.

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